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Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning Services

Are you in search of deck cleaning services in the Springfield, MO area? 


Because of the heat and humidity in the Ozarks, it doesn't take long for grime and mold to build up on decks. In just a few years, your brand new deck might be a filthy mess that you don't want to look at, much less step on. Our thorough deck cleaning work will make your deck look as good as new.


To make your deck clean and free of muck, have it professionally cleaned by the experts at Moore Exteriors!


Top-Tier Pressure Washing for Your Deck

When too much mold and other gunk has built up on your deck in Springfield, Moore Exteriors will step in and pressure wash the entire surface of your deck to make it look pristine. We'll clean every inch of your deck, including the railings, so that it can once again be a nice, clean spot for outdoor meals and family gatherings! By the time we've finished cleaning your deck, it will bring newfound curb appeal to your home in Springfield.


Pressure washing a deck may lead to "tiger striping" but these unattractive stripes won't be there for long. Our pros will follow up with a state-of-the-art surface cleaner to eradicate these blemishes and make your deck look its best!

The Ozarks' #1 Deck Cleaners

Don't let grime and dirt steal your deck away from you. Get in touch with Moore Exteriors today for superior deck cleaning services in the Springfield area!

Moore Exteriors offers deck cleaning services in Nixa and in other surrounding areas. Call the experts at Moore Exteriors today!

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