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Welcome to Moore Exteriors!! We are always on the lookout for awesome rockstars! 🤩

First thing you should know - we hire AND fire by our core values 👇





1st - If you don’t uphold these… we will see you later 👋

2nd - We (Caitlyn and Ethan Moore) care DEEPLY about our employees. We want to help you out in ALL areas of life and not just a good job. And we ask you do the same for our company 😊

3rd - We pay based off performance NOT hourly 💰

So if your truly an A+ player, you WILL make great money ($25+ an hour on average). More on that later during an interview....



We have a vision for this company to be on a fast pace of growth. We have a dream to build a company with a culture of movement and momentum.


People who work for us will be motivated workers, constantly looking for ways to better themselves and move forward in life. People who work for us will be respectful and polite, teachable and flexible to changes.


We are determined to help anyone who works for us grow in their own life and become a better person as a result of this job. We have a vision of not just providing a great service for our customers, but to provide those customers with authentic value that far exceeds their expectations.


That means that we are constantly looking for things to do for the customers that they weren’t expecting from us. We are determined to build a reputation in this community that is more than just a great power washing company, but to build a reputation that draws people to us. A reputation so professional and unique that our customers can’t help but brag about us to all their friends.


We are determined to not become a company to just settle for what works, but to be a company that is always looking for a better way to improve ourselves

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