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Christmas Light Hanging Service

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Christmas Light Hanging Service in Branson, MO

How should you hang your Holiday lights this year? DIY installation and risk breaking your leg, hip, or back? How about choosing the logical choice, and hire a Christmas light hanging service company right here in Branson to do all the difficult work so you can enjoy your holiday season!

Your Christmas lights and the way they are hanged should depict all the excitement around this important event. There are many ideas for hanging Christmas lights, whether you want them to hang on the outside, inside, or both. The first thing is to decide what kind of lights you want to hang, even before you call a Christmas light hanging service to do so. They definitely will be colored lights. Although you can do most of the things in a DIY, you can certainly bring in the experience of an expert.

All in all, hanging Christmas lights doesn't have to take hours of hard labor. To start with, a lightweight strand gives you multiple options for how to hang small Christmas lights without damaging the walls and the ceilings. You definitely want to start with a design of how you want the Christmas lights to come out on the hangings. It will provide a clue on the layout and the hanging locations. It also guides you on how many lights and strands you will need. A Christmas light hanging service can provide several ideas with which you can start the project and then customize as you go.

To hang Christmas lights on the inside, you only need adhesive decorating clips, transparent tape, and brick clips. Then you of course need the strands of wires on which the lights are attached, and the lights themselves.

The strands of lights are stuck to the walls using adhesive decorating clips. These clips are mostly white and therefore most suitable for white walls. Otherwise, you can use transparent tape to tape the light strands to the wall for other wall colors. The clips are stuck in alternating directions if you are hanging the strands of lights on a wall. The light strands are slid into the clip arrangements to fasten them to the wall.

You might also choose to use brick clips that can be used to attach the light strands to exposed brick walls. Brick clips have protruding hooks into which you can slide the strands of lights and leave them hanging safely. However, they are more visible than other alternatives, which is a disadvantage, but can hold the heavier light strands for those with heavy Christmas lights or very many of them on the strands. If you have lightweight Christmas lights, then you do not need many clips, which is an advantage since they will not be littered around the room.

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