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Residential Christmas Light Installation Cost

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Getting the Best Christmas Light Installation Cost in Branson, MO

Everyone wants to have a colorful festive season. You should always seek professional help while designing, installing, and maintaining holiday lights. This will give you adequate time to spend with family and friends.

* Windows

* Outdoor trees

* Grounds

* Greenery


1. Designing the lights

It is free to get a design consultation and estimate on how much it's going to cost. Design experts are happy to give you new ideas on what will look best and provide you with the exact price quotation.

2. Installation

Look for the company with the most residential Christmas light installation experience because they receive training. They will put up holiday lights for you using quality materials, ensuring your home is safe, and the display is beautiful.

3. Maintenance

Get residential holiday lights from a company that will offer you continuous maintenance. At some point, these lights may burn out, so choose a good installation company that will be happy to do maintenance care for you.

4. Taking the lights down

The same way you consider the best installation services should be the same way you think about taking down the lights. Pick a Christmas light installation company that will take them down for you.


Customized Décor

The décor experts from the company you choose will come to your home and help you decide on the display that you like. They will first give you an idea of what to expect so you can make the right decision. There are different colors, designs, and accents to choose from. You can also change these designs every year.

Value for your money

Finding the right residential Christmas lighting installation cost will be easy to figure out with Moore Exteriors. We will ensure to give their customers lights that are of high quality. By hiring experts, you will get value for your money because of their regular checks to ensure the lights are functional until when you want to take them down. Maintenance is done at no cost.

Proper Storage

Christmas light installation companies will offer you storage options for your décor. After the festive season, they will take everything down, clean, sanitize and wrap them neatly and store them at their warehouse. You do not have to worry about destroying your lights when storing them, and you can use them the following year.

Sets the Mood

Installing Christmas lights will set the right mood for your family and friends. A well-lit home during the festive season will bring a joyous mood. You will get a chance to create memories.


It is a tradition for most people to admire Christmas lights because they reflect the festive mode. Enjoy Christmas decorations at home by having them done by experts.


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