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Spring Cleaning for Your Home Exterior: Tips & Tricks

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Spring cleaning is a tradition held by many homeowners in the Branson-Springfield area. We often associate spring cleaning with tasks like deep cleaning our kitchen and throwing out junk in our garage, but you shouldn't neglect the exterior of your home. After all, home exteriors bear the brunt of cold winter weather, which often leaves them looking worse for wear. Read on to learn some home exterior cleaning practices that you should add to your spring cleaning routine.

4 Good Home Exterior Spring Cleaning Practices

  1. Clear Algae Off Siding - Unfortunately, the humid and rainy weather in the Ozarks is conducive to algae growth on the siding of local homes. Algae growth creates unsightly green stains and can weaken the integrity of your siding over time, allowing for leaks. Use Green Wash to eliminate algae on your siding and restore the appearance of your home exterior.

  2. Power Wash Your Driveway - Since cars are always driving and parking on your driveway, it's inevitable that grime is going to build up and mar the surface appearance. As part of your spring cleaning this year, power wash your driveway to clear off all oil, dirt and debris. A thorough power washing should keep your driveway looking sharp until next year's spring cleaning.

  3. Deep Clean Your Deck - If you lived in Springfield, Branson or the surrounding areas, you've probably noticed mold or algae growing on your deck. When left uncleaned for too long, decks can accumulate quite a bit of this gunk, making them both ugly and slippery. This spring, try deep-cleaning your deck with a high-grade wood cleaner to kill all harmful algae and mold while making your deck look brand new again.

  4. Unclog Your Gutters - During winter, leaves and needles often accumulate in gutters, interrupting their flow. When spring cleaning your home exterior in the Ozarks, make sure to check if your gutters are draining properly. If they're not, you should remove all of the debris to ensure they're functioning as intended before the first big thunderstorm of the season rumbles through. To prevent gutter blockage in the future, consider installing Gutter Guards to keep out debris.

Need Help With Spring Cleaning Your Home Exterior?

If you're too busy to worry about spring cleaning for the exterior of your home, we've got good news: there are talented professionals who would be happy to do it for you. Give Moore Exteriors a call today if you'd like to schedule home exterior cleaning services in the greater Branson-Springfield area!

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