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How Often Should I Clean & Pressure Wash My Deck?

Decks tend to be among the parts of every home that are often neglected for maintenance. While you may not care as much about the appearance of your deck as your roof or siding, going for too long without cleaning your deck can allow for algae and mold to grow, resulting in an ugly appearance and a slippery surface.

If you're a homeowner living in the Ozarks region, continue reading to learn how often you should be cleaning and pressure washing your deck to keep it in good shape.

When You Should Clean Your Deck

To preserve the appearance of your deck while preventing mold and algae growth, it's a good idea to clean the surface of your deck at least two to four times per year here in the humid environment of the Ozarks. For the best results, you should make sure to pressure wash your deck once per year, ideally in spring.

Pressure washing is a deep-cleaning process that involves spraying the surface of your deck with high-pressure water to strip away all dirt, grime and algae. Pressure washing your deck annually will keep your wood nice and clean. Just be careful when pressure washing your deck, as your wood is susceptible to damage from the pressurized water if you spray it down too intensely. To ensure your deck does not sustain damage from pressure washing, it may be best to hire deck cleaning professionals in the Ozarks. Trained deck cleaning specialists will be able to thoroughly clean the surface of your deck without inflicting wood damage.

Because pressure washing your deck too often can lead to damage, you should also clean your deck without pressure washing at least one other time per year. Scrub your deck down with a cleaning solution, using algaecide or mold killer as necessary, then gently rinse your deck off using the hose. You can clean every three to four months on a set schedule or just wait until your deck starts looking a little grimy; whatever works best for you.

Deck Pressure Washing Professionals in the Ozarks

Would you like to have your deck cleaned and pressure washed by experienced home exterior cleaners? Contact Moore Exteriors today if you'd like to schedule pressure washing services for your home in the Ozarks area!



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